Episode 6, The meanest thing

A lot of people have been asking for shirts. I don’t know if you guys maybe would be into that… or not.  (…) Every once a while we’ll have fans submit designs and then we’ll pick a winner, you know… Each one will be a limited run. So if you guys will like this, let us know, and maybe we’ll make it happen. (note: this bit is only funny if you know how much merchandise they have sold since)

We have barely survived the chat room and now we need to rest.

I’d just like to point out we’re nine adults playing “don’t touch the hot lava” at the moment.

Can you roll a persuasion against a critical fail?

That’s a 1 face.

This is awesome and nothing is going to go wrong.

This is the meanest thing I’ve ever done!

Someone shoot him in the mouth!

That was awesome! I never knew you were an artist.


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