MV update

I found it! Took me half a day of going through kpop playlists, but it was worth it!

TFW you watch your MVs on Youtube and a random song plays as an ad, and it was kinda catchy but you don’t know the artist so you’ll NEVER find it again if you didn’t click on it the first time Also, WordPress is being weird, my phone is an asshole (or just slowly dying)…

but what if my entire life no longer sparks joy?

Critical Role, campaign 1: your leaders are doing their best, the threats come from outside in the shape of monsters and beasts of legend, the big bad is an ancient evil powerhungry thing that is only vaguely human Critical Role, campaign 2 (so far): your leaders… exist, the threats coming from outside have a point,…

That feeling when

you force yourself to put on a tv show you don’t really care about only because you refuse to hand your entire life over to your new hyperfixation so you gotta watch other things even it you can’t really make yourself give a damn about them and you know you won’t remember any of it

Got up at 4 am to watch Critical Role Dozed off after it ended Woke up two hours later curled into a ball, hugging my laptop Went back to watch it again Cried uncontrollably So it was a normal Friday.

I spent most of the day browsing for washi tape on Ebay. I think I may have a new addiction.

So I had a tooth pulled on Wednesday, and the dentist gave me a printout with instructions on what to do and what to avoid. It said not to lift heavy things, avoid excercise and bending down in the first few days. I was sitting in mind-numbing pain for days with my feet up before…