Movies I am looking forward to in 2018

  Black Panther, coming in February: Annihilation, February: Pacific Rim 2, coming in March: Technically not a movie but a series, but come on, Jessica Jones season 2, coming out on International Women’s Day: A Wrinkle In Time, also coming in March: Deadpool 2 The Incredibles 2 Infinity War in May Red Sparrow (which is…

Episode 10:

That’s amazing! He comes in character! Oh, they got poison or something. They got magic. They got poison magic. I would like to rage AND run. Talk to the haaaaaand! All: We can make wind! I wanna be a perceptive bastard while I’m in there. Tiberius: Do you have Counterspell? Scanlan: No.

Episode 8.: Finding Grog

Just stay put, footless! Ye olde Axe. Liam: Can I apply my Luck feat to her? Laura: You don’t have any feet left! Nothing ever good is tentacle-y. No offence! I don’t have any idea what I’m looking for. I’m just looking at words right now. That’s your turn, and you’re holding a kitten. Pike…

Episode 6, The meanest thing

A lot of people have been asking for shirts. I don’t know if you guys maybe would be into that… or not.  (…) Every once a while we’ll have fans submit designs and then we’ll pick a winner, you know… Each one will be a limited run. So if you guys will like this, let…

Good dog

babyanimalgifs: OMG MY HEART THAT SMILE